Wenhao Ren

Ph.D. Candidate in Software Engineering

Email: [email protected]


Journal Publications:

  1. Wenhao Ren, Zichuan Xu, Weifa Liang, Haipeng Dai, Omer F. Rana, Pan Zhou, Qiufen Xia, Haozhe Ren, Mingchu Li, and Guowei Wu.
    Learning-Driven Service Caching in MEC Networks with Bursty Data Traffic and Uncertain Delays.
    Computer Networks, Vol. xx, Elsevier, 2024.
    CCF-B. [DOI]
  2. Zichuan Xu, Lizhen Zhou, Weifa Liang, Qiufen Xia, Wenzheng Xu, Wenhao Ren, Haozhe Ren, and Pan Zhou.
    Stateful Serverless Application Placement in MEC with Function and State Dependencies.
    IEEE Transactions on Computers, Vol. xx, No. xx, pp. xx, IEEE, 2023.
    CCF-A. [DOI]
  3. Qiufen Xia, Lizhen Zhou, Wenhao Ren, and Yi Wang.
    Proactive and Intelligent Evaluation of Big Data Queries in Edge Clouds with Materialized Views.
    Computer Networks, Vol. 203, Elsevier, 2022.
    CCF-B. [DOI]
  4. Qiufen Xia, Wenhao Ren, Zichuan Xu, Xin Wang, and Weifa Liang.
    When Edge Caching Meets a Budget: Near Optimal Service Delivery in Multi-Tiered Edge Clouds.
    IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, Vol. 15, No. 6, pp. 3634-3648, IEEE, 2021.
    CCF-A. [DOI]

Conference Publications:

  1. Zichuan Xu, Wenhao Ren, Weifa Liang, Wenzheng Xu, Qiufen Xia, Pan Zhou, and Mingchu Li.
    Schedule or Wait: Age-Minimization for IoT Big Data Processing in MEC via Online Learning.
    Proc. of INFOCOM, London, United Kingdom, IEEE, 2022.
    CCF-A. [DOI]
  2. Qiufen Xia, Wenhao Ren, Zichuan Xu, Pan Zhou, Wenzheng Xu, and Guowei Wu.
    Learn to Optimize: Adaptive VNF Provisioning in Mobile Edge Clouds.
    Proc. of SECON, Como, Italy, IEEE, 2020.
    CCF-B. [DOI]
  3. Qiufen Xia, Wenhao Ren, Mingchu Li, and Jiankang Ren.
    Age-Aware Query Evaluation for Big Data Analytics in Mobile Edge Clouds.
    Proc. of HPCC, Fiji, IEEE, 2020.
    CCF-C. [DOI]